Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My blog as moved!!
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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Week 9

Here is my post this week.  A beautiful cat, posted by Dewi on the WC WDE.  Thanks to Dewi for the great photo selection.

Cat wants Gecko.  Watercolour, 7" x 10"

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Week 8

Eight-weeks in and I have finally completed a finished painting!

Eastport, Newfoundland.  Acrylic on Canvas, 18" x 24"

I also completed two studies this week, based on one of Stephen Quiller's videos on ArtistNetwork TV (Color Foundation with Stephen Quiller 4: Analogous Color & Color Families).

Watercolour, 10" x 20"

Watercolor, 9.5" x 16.5"

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Week 7

For those who have visited my blog prior to this post, you'll notice my blog name has been changed to "Kathy MacKay Fine Art" (previously known as 52-in-52: a painting a week).  While it is still my goal to complete at least a painting a week for the next 11 months, I hope my in devours in art extend beyond this year!  This forward thinking was stimulated by a visit to Art in the Park in Stratford today.  Meeting some lovely and inspiring artists left me thinking about some of my longer term art goals (while not overly defined... I know I want to eventually be able to sell some of my paintings).  I briefly chatted with one artist, Annette Goodale.  She is a watercolorist who does the most amazing rock paintings. Check out her website (!

Here are my posts for this week:

1. My first of two submissions to the weekly drawing event (WDE) at WetCanvas (WC). Thank you so much to Li, who hosted this weeks WDE.  What AMAZING photo references!!
Sunlight in Forest. Acrylic, 4"x7", 300lb Richeson paper

2.  My second submission for this week's WDE at WC.
Fauvist Shack. Watercolor & Sharpie. 7.5" x 11", 140 lbs Arches paper

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Week 6

Only one small painting to post the week.  Not as productive weekend as recent weekend (from the painting perspective).  On a bright note, I have found a gem of an an online art podcast: Artists Helping Artists... it is amazing!  It was recommended by a member at WetCanvas. Just listening to a couple episodes this weekend - I have already learned a number of new things.

This week's painting is from the WDE and WetCanvas. Thanks to Bonnie for hosting and providing such lovely pictures.

Watercolour, 7" x 10"

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Week 5

While my initial goal was to post just one painting per week, it seems I have surpassed this.   But this leads me to the question: how does one define a "painting"?

Most of my posts to date are small studies... not finished paintings.    As it is up to me to write the rules for this blog, I will consider 4 or 5 small studies to be equal to one finished painting.  At this point, I prefer small studies; they allow me to try new techniques without having to commit to a finished painting.  With that said... I will aim to complete a "finished painting" every month or so.

Here are this weeks paintings:

1. Today I watched "Color Foundation with Stephen Quiller: Monochromatic Color Scheme".  This is my attempt to copy a demonstration in the video.  For those interested, Stephen Quiller has a whole DVD series that can be purchased from his gallery or see on ArtistNetwork TV. Excellent DVD series from an amazing artist!

Color Foundation with Stephen Quiller: Monochromatic Color Scheme - See more at:
Color Foundation with Stephen Quiller 2: Monochromatic Color Scheme - See more at:
Color Foundation with Stephen Quiller 2: Monochromatic Color Scheme - See more at:
Color Foundation with Stephen Quiller 2: Monochromatic Color Scheme - See more at:
Color Foundation with Stephen Quiller: Monochromatic Color Scheme - See more at:

2. My attempt to copy a demonstration from "Color Foundation with Stephen Quiller: Complementary Color Scheme"

3. From this week's WDE at WetCanvas (WC).  Compliments to EP for hosting and providing excellent reference photos! In my opinion, this painting turned out well with the exception of the top of the glass which looks tilted.  Oh well... live and learn.  Only two pigments used - cadmium yellow light and ultramarine violet (mixed together to create a gray).

4. Also from this weekend's WDE at WC.  Attempted to use some of Stephen Quiller's techniques.  Definitely room for improvement.

5.  An exercise from "Watercolor with Birgit O'Connor: Waves, Water & Clouds". 

See you next week.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Week 4

In week 4, I find myself reading a book by my all time favourite artist Stephen Quiller (Watermedia Painting with Stephen Quiller).  He states "personal expression is most effective when it rests on a firm foundation".  This statement really resonated with me as it captures my painting goal for the next year.  Building the foundation!

Here are my paintings this week:

1. From the July challenge in the WC watermedia forum.  Compliments to Susaleena for the AMAZING photos.  A talented photographer.
Abalone Shell.  Watercolour & Sharpie, 7" x 10"
2. From the July challenge in the WC watercolour studio forum.  Compliments to Doug for the beautiful photo and great summer challenge. 
Clematis.  Watercolour, 6"x6"
3.  July's challenge in the WC landscape forum.  Many thanks to WithEyes for hosting and sharing wondering photos.
Storm on Salmon River.  Watercolour, 7" x 7.5 "
4.  And finally... the WDE for the weekend of July 4.  Thanks to Jesse for being a fabulous host and sharing lovely photos.
Racket-tailed roller.  Watercolour, 7" x 4"